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A Guide to Israel’s Thriving Startup Scene

To the uninitiated, Israel may not be the first – or even the fifth – country that comes to mind when they hear the term “innovation market”. We’ve all heard tales of Silicon Valley, but Silicon Wadi? In reality, however, Israel has been a technology hotbed ever since the mid-1980s, when the mainstream computer industry…

12 Innovative Israeli Tech Startups

Israel, proudly named as a Startup Nation, has all the reasons to boast about their startup industry. The statistics are impressive and they are not pulling the brakes anytime soon: Israel has the highest rate of startups per person in the world. For every 1,400 people, there is one existing startup.  What makes Israel such…

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Why you should consider React for your web development

The world of web development went through massive changes over the last decade. While past technologies like jQuery still see some use, the term “front-end web development” came to mean building complex applications and behaviors within the browser itself. We believe in choosing the right tool for the job – and React is one of…

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How to integrate UX Design at different stages of a product life-cycle

UX Design Approach: Learning the best UI & UX tactics will improve your digital product’s quality no matter the stage of development. This article was written by Karol Wozniak, UX Designer at App’n’Roll. All business successes, from startups to big corporations, depend on the satisfaction of their end users. User experience (UX) is a relatively…

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Conference Highlights: FullStack London 2019

JavaScript, Node.js & the Internet of Things This article was written by Piotr Zientara, Full-Stack Developer at App’n’Roll. Three day conferences can be a bit of an endeavour, even if you’re not an organizer or speaker. Organizing a conference is something I know quite a lot about as I arranged ConFrontJS 2018, with the support…

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6 Reasons Why Your Startup Fails

We know it might sound harsh but let’s face it, most startups fail. According to CBInsights (2019), it was estimated that almost 90% of startups fail. Surprisingly 97% of those startups were seed or crowdfunded consumer hardware startups, yikes! In terms of upstart tech companies, the failure rate is around 70%, which is still quite…

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