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Diversity: Conscious Decisions for Change

Diversity, a word thrown around corporate meetings, when discussing how to meet a quota. If you’re looking for an answer to the question: How can we hire more people like this, or more people like that? You’re already asking the wrong questions. You should be wondering why more people like this, or more people like…

Mindfulness: Debugging Ourselves

What is Mindfulness? In a world full of mobile devices, deadlines and to do lists, it can be hard to remain present, to live in the moment as it were. If we’re not worrying about what we’re going to have for dinner later, we’re worrying about how to spend our weekend productively. When you stop…

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A World Without (NS)FileManager

Can you imagine a modern programming language without a standard library? This kind of vanilla technology wouldn’t be very useful. You would have to reinvent the wheel every time you’d need a string operations or a linked list. It’s hard to imagine but for the sake of learning, maybe you should. By People from People Writing…

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Xcode, Git Bisect and You

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had a bug in your application and you had to find a commit where the regression was introduced? Do you get chills just thinking about how laborious this is? This is a common occurrence when working on a large project, with a lot developers. If this…

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Productivity Hacks: How to Work Smarter

When you’re able to work smarter, it’s easier to get things done without feeling any sort of additional or unnecessary pressure. Working smarter is when you’re able to centre your attention without the fear of procrastination. It’s about developing a process which works for you as an individual. Think of yourself the way you think…

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Integration: Team Retreats

What is a Team Retreat? Although the name sounds rather formal, a team retreat is often anything but. We’re not talking about a ‘conference style’ retreat with scheduled team building exercises and motivational speakers. Instead, we mean the kind where you take your team out of their comfort zone (the office or remote location) and…

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