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Agile and Lean Principles: How to build startups faster

These days, starting a new venture is an extremely challenging process, especially in a competitive market. To succeed in the current reality, you not only have to build a great product, make a reasonable business plan and have a great vision but also be open to change and deliver valuable software fast. Agile and Lean…

App’n’roll Named a Top UX Designer in Poland

At App’n’roll, we are an experienced team of business-driven people who have spent years building world-class digital products from A to Z. Our main service lines include UI/UX design, mobile app development and web development. Creating stunning digital product requires vision, as well as experience. We believe that happy clients make us famous, that’s why…

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10 Portuguese Startups Worth Watching

The 2019 edition of WebSummit in Lisbon is right around the corner. Being massive startup fans – which you know we are – we decided to brush up on our local knowledge and do some research into the market. What we didn’t expect to find was the sheer amount of creativity, which we’d like to…

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How did we help global startups grow

The modern startup landscape is built on cooperation. The rapid expansion and increasing accessibility of new technologies which begun in the 1990s hit its peak around the mid-2000s, setting the stage for a new way of doing business. Getting a startup off the ground is much easier than it was thirty years ago precisely because…

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Typescript vs Javascript in web development

Like it or not, JavaScript is still the dominant language in the web development space. Despite the countless advantages of TypeScript and other languages like it, nothing seems to be able to topple JS’s status as the lingua franca of the modern web. Should it be that way, though? In this blog post, we’re going…

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React vs Angular – which one to choose?

A couple of years ago, the running joke in the web development community was that JavaScript had a new framework coming out every week. The massive paradigm shift started by the likes of Node and Angular, however, has finally settled down. Instead of having to navigate a confusing landscape of new, untested software, developers now…

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