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How to Give Your FinTech Mobile App a Boost

4 Do’s and 1 Don’t That Every Startup CEO Should Know As the CEO of an FinTech Startup it is important to know how to develop your app in the right direction. A direction that meets your goals, scales up your business and brings evident results.  A good app, just like any other software project,…

Maintaining Startup Culture: Growth

Maintaining startup culture when you’re scaling up can drastically affect your business. Although scaling up is positive, there can be negative consequences. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will hopefully help you keep your startup vibes, regardless of how much your company grows.  Hire people, not their qualifications. This is where most companies go…

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Build Your own MVI Framework

This article was first published by Mariusz Dąbrowski in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. Model View Intent (MVI) architecture is getting more and more attention in the Android developer community. In this article I will demonstrate how to create a simple framework using this pattern. I will not be describing the idea behind the MVI…

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How can illustration enhance your project and when to use it?

This article was first published by Dominik Korolczuk in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. Breathing life into abstract concepts Sometimes what we are trying to get across is hard to put into words and most of the time, a concept is impossible to photograph. That’s when illustration comes into play. Imagine trying to explain a water cycle to…

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About client workshops and why they are a great way to kick off a design project

This article was first published by Karol Wozniak in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. Client workshops bring together people who represent different teams involved in a particular project. They usually take the form of an in-house meeting in a room that allows for a collaborative working environment (big central table, whiteboards, walls to stick stuff on)….

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What is new in Android P — PrecomputedText

This article was first published by Mariusz Dąbrowski in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. This is part of a series of articles about the new APIs available in Android 9.0: BiometricPrompt ImageDecoder and AnimatedImageDrawable PrecomputedText The sample application with source code used in this article can be found here. Code snippets are written in Kotlin. How text is…

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