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Restricted Zone

Distraction Free It’s no secret that work environments can be rife with distractions.Whether it’s a football table, PlayStation, fragrant coffee or the sound of your co-workers chatting, there are numerous intrusions which may prevent you from staying focused. The world of tech startups could be considered to be slightly more distracting than a traditional office…

Practical Advice: Communication

“Even by not communicating — you always communicate something.” Behaviour, of any kind is decipherable. Whether such behaviour is observed or noticed without movement, we’re able to make sense of it. It is possible to perceive every form of behaviour because behaviour in itself is a communicative form. The awareness we possess for those around us enables…

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Rapidly Growing Teams

In order to create and maintain a well structured team consisting of various indispensable individuals, each with significant strengths and talents, we should consider onboarding and the capability to learn from our mistakes in order to improve ourselves. When a team grows quickly, it can sometimes seem harder to remain in control. Let’s imagine that…

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Remote Work: A Sign of Trust

A Sign of Trust As mentioned in our previous post on overtime (Killing Productivity: The Overtime Story), working extensively for long periods of time doesn’t equal productivity. It becomes quantity over quality and this is never a good thing.Making sure that your colleagues are aware of if and when you’re available is the key to…

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Killing Productivity: The Overtime Story

Sedentary jobs are everywhere, from the office to the artist’s studio. Our bodies and minds somehow detach, with our body firmly in place, our minds do most of the work. Did you know that when we sit in front of a computer for extended amounts of time, we’re causing damage not only to our bodies…

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The Startup Studio Model: The Team

Challenges and Opportunities In our previous post we discussed what a start-up studio model is and how venture builders are able to use them to create opportunities, share resources and combine talent. They’re knowledgeable and strategic, they are focused on human capital instead and they hire experienced teams specific to startups in order to create…

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