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What is new in Android P — BiometricPrompt

This article was first published by Mariusz Dąbrowski in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. This is part of a series of articles about the new APIs available in Android 9.0: BiometricPrompt ImageDecoder and AnimatedImageDrawable PrecomputedText The sample application with source code used in this article can be found here. Code snippets are written in Kotlin. Fingerprint scanning Using…

The Software Development Process at App’n’roll

This article is the first in my new role of CTO at App’n’roll, a venture builder that creates, designs and promotes web and mobile apps. Our software development process characteristics are determined by the fact that we can deliver whole products, including but not limited to UX and marketing. Not all products developed within the…

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5 Practical Solutions to Make Responsive Data Tables

This article was first published by Michał Jarosz in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. I work as Senior UI & UX Designer for App’n’roll — a Warsaw based venture building company. As you may know, today’s design requires taking care of various types of screens and sizes so we designers have to make the results of our work…

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Fair Design: Excess, 2018, A Designer’s Perspective

This article was first published by Gocha Szostak in the App’n’roll Publication on Medium. I’m a UX and industrial designer working for App’n’roll — a Warsaw based venture building company. I currently have the opportunity to be a part of the development of physical products in one of our latest ventures, Mudita. Mudita aim to restore the…

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How I Met Gary Vaynerchuk and Lessons Learned

This article was written by App’n’roll’s Founder, Łukasz Anwajler. I met Gary Vaynerchuk in March 2014 at VaynerMedia HQ in New York.   Back then I was the CTO of FOAP (a marketplace with authentic images which we built from scratch). We were there to discuss the next steps of our project. Foap was the first of…

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App’n’roll, One of the Top Software Development Companies in Poland

The team at App’n’roll like to have fun doing what we do: building scalable businesses, supporting our clients’ development, and overseeing whole products from A to Z — code, design, marketing, and everything in between. App’n’roll produces world-class products, and we are very excited to share the news that our team has been named by…

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