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Launching Kudos

Gratitude is one of the most important values for us at App’n’roll. Showing our appreciation and thankfulness for what life brings us is something we believe can make you and those around you considerably happier. The idea of gratitude is the reason we want to give members of our team a small incentive, to show…

Practical Functional Reactive Programming

Functional Reactive Programming is in our opinion, a great tool in the never ending fight with complexity. Today, we wanted to give you some tips that would help you make the most out of it. Note: This article assumes that you have some basic knowledge of FRP, if you are new to the topic and…

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Xcode Extensions

During this year’s WWDC, Apple announced Xcode Source Editor Extensions, a new and easy way to broaden the capabilities of our favorite tool. If you’re curious as to how you can harness its power to make you more productive, keep on reading. Many bright minds in the software development industry believe that our profession is…

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Brace Yourself: Competitors Are Coming

What happens when your idea is stolen? If your hustle is strong, there’s no stopping you from working on the same idea as someone else and flying with it, succeeding where they couldn’t, it doesn’t hurt to try. An accomplished startup comes with the right mindset, experience and vision! You can’t protect an idea once…

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Restricted Zone

Distraction Free It’s no secret that work environments can be rife with distractions.Whether it’s a football table, PlayStation, fragrant coffee or the sound of your co-workers chatting, there are numerous intrusions which may prevent you from staying focused. The world of tech startups could be considered to be slightly more distracting than a traditional office…

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Practical Advice: Communication

“Even by not communicating — you always communicate something.” Behaviour, of any kind is decipherable. Whether such behaviour is observed or noticed without movement, we’re able to make sense of it. It is possible to perceive every form of behaviour because behaviour in itself is a communicative form. The awareness we possess for those around us enables…

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